Sharpening of cutting tools for secondary wood processing and other industrial tools

To obtain the level of quality you need within your production processes, the maintenance of your cutting tools is crucial.
The professionals who work in our sharpening department are able to meet all your requirements using VOLLMER, LOROCH, REFORM and other brands of machinery.

Examples of the wood cutting tools we sharpen:

  • carbide and steel circular saw blades
  • spindle moulder cutters
  • planer and jointer blades
  • band saw blades
  • standard and CNC bits
  • chainsaw and mortise chains
  • cape chisels, carbide tips, etc.

Examples of the industrial tools we sharpen:

  • veneer clippers, shears
  • circular cutters
  • crushers, shredders
  • milling cutters, metal saws, etc.